Aquatic Management

Aquatic systems (pond, lakes, and reservoirs) all have a natural aging process called euphication (low oxygen and an overabundance of algae and plant growth). Aquatic management gives you the tools to slow that process down so you can derive use and enjoyment from your water resource for a longer period of time.

For Aquatic Management, Mendocino Waterworks begins by evaluating the condition of the body of water and then tests the water to determine nutrient load and sources. This information guides the course of action for long-term management. The goal is to achieve higher oxygen levels, enhanced biological activity, and ensure an adequate level of alkalinity to balance the water resource. By inoculating the body of water with microbes, the excess nutrients are no longer available for the algae, preventing algae bloom, and clearing the water naturally. The goal of Aquatic Management is to create a habitat that is favorable for the microbes, enabling these “safe” organisms to slow the natural aging process of the water. Our focus is to work with the biological system.


√Water Testing

√ Aeration

√ Microbes

√ Biological Filtration

√ Purification Systems (Ultra Violet/Ozone)

√ Beneficial Planting

The better educated you are about your system, the easier it is to maintain.

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