Mendocino Waterworks provides a range of services customized for your water needs:

√ Consulting (evaluate water needs)

√ Dowsing (spring and well locations)

√ Horizontal Drilling

√ Water Purification Systems

√ Aquatic Management and Restoration of Ponds and Lakes

Larry Desmond is a 1976 graduate of Cal Poly, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture. Upon arriving in Mendocino County in 1980 and purchasing acreage for home and business, he realized the first step for improving a property is through water. Water needed to be found, developed and purified.

Mastering the art of dowsing led to a quantum leap in Larry’s ability to locate and develop water. With dowsing, the source of water that was feeding the spring could be determined, allowing for effective development of springs utilizing horizontal drilling or a deeper vertical drill.

Water purity is also needed to be evaluated, and utilizing alternative methods to purify water was a natural augmentation to water development. This led Larry to the field of aquatic management incorporating all aspects of water purification, biology and horticulture.

For the past twenty-five years Mendocino Waterworks has provided services to the State of California and the Regional Park Systems, as well as residential, commercial and agricultural clients.

Contact Information

Phone: 707-459-9575

E-Mail: larry.desmond52@gmail.com